Afiswitch Criminal Check

If you are looking for a quick check on your own or an employee’s criminal history then we can assist by processing an Afiswitch criminal check for you. AFISwitch interfaces with the SAPS AFIS to validate the criminal record status of an individual. The system provides electronic fingerprint criminal record status checks, based on fingerprints using live scan or FBI-approved flatbed scanner fingerprint data. In 2006 the SAPS outsourced the issuing of Fingerprint Clearances and therefore SC Fingerprinting can issue anyone that requires a South African Electronic Fingerprint Clearance Certificate, with one in either 90min, 4hrs or 48hrs, depending on your requirement. This clearance is accepted for employment purposes within South Africa, and is also recognized by the KZN Liquor Board and NCR.

We can come to your business premises and conduct the checks there or you can pop in and see one of our agents. There is no ink involved and the whole process takes less than 10 minutes.

SACE – the AFISwitch 48hr clearance is now accepted for SACE registration.

Please download the example of the Afiswitch Clearance Certificate and confirm that it is accepted for your purposes.

Previous Conviction Enquiries

Business and the public alike throughout South Africa have adopted the standard approach of vetting potential employees during the employment process in order to safeguard their interests.

Afiswitch specializes in assisting employers to conduct secure previous conviction enquiries on individuals in order to make informed decisions with regards to employment.


  1. Ensuring the right candidate is placed in the right position
  2. Enhanced risk compliance within your organisation
  3. Improved regulatory compliance within your industry
  4. Decrease in hiring risks and business liability or bad media exposure
  5. Decrease in employee turnover
  6. Knowledge of a person’s background